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Your Step by Step, Non Techie Guide To Providing 
The Best Online Experience For Your Students Using Zoom

Have you started or fully embraced online streaming for your yoga classes during this unprecedented time?

Have you been held back by not fully incorporating the features of Zoom as your online streaming platform?

Are you uncertain about what cost effective equipment can radically improve your online classes?

If so please keep reading…..

Hi, it's Ben and Rob

We are both experts in delivering live events online and ensuring all events are live streamed in a professional and proficient way. Collectively we have successfully delivered 100 plus live events from live sporting events to corporate events.

About the creators of this course

Rob is a master of technology.  It is his passion through and through.  His enthusiasm is contagious and transparent.  He loves to research and test equipment and then impart his knowledge to those who want to know.  His experience is evident through his ability to translate anything from the most basic technology and the most complex technology into doing the brilliant jobs they are built to do. His experience of 15 plus years in video production and technology is evident in his efficiency in using everything at his fingertips.  
Rob Hargreaves
Ben Butt
Ben is not just an expert in web streaming and online video technology, he is a keen practitioner of yoga having practised himself for nearly 15 years. With a love for yoga, he has a firm understanding of what a teacher and student need during a class. He has been able to bring his expertise to the industry in a unique way. With years of working with clients of a non-techie background, he finds bringing simplicity to every scenario is essential to overcoming fears around technology.  
"Let's make use of the amazing technology that is at our fingertips in a fun and engaging way." 
Dear Yoga Teacher,

Being an incredible yoga teacher doesn’t always mean that your teaching will translate into an incredible online experience.

The truth is you can enhance your students' online experience by mastering the zoom platform and providing excellent video, sound and music all without needing to be a techie! Get this handled and you’ll see how your brilliance can come alive online.

Both Rob and I have used these lockdown months to put our expertise to the test within the Yoga community. We began to understand that teachers are being forced to become tech experts when all they want to do is teach a class.  

Ben knows (by having Yoga teachers as friends) that they (and possibly you) want to improve the “tech” side, yet this was the one thing between you and running a high quality and engaging online class.

What happened at the beginning of lockdown, did you enthusiastically transition online, or were you hesitant and even when you ventured online, was progress slow and frustrating for you and your students?

How about now? Have your classes improved as much as you really want? Maybe you transitioned online with the basics (you got a laptop, a webcam, you know how to let people into zoom) and managed to pull off your first or indeed a number of online classes, and maybe you feel that’s adequate?

Ben is a yoga enthusiast and have been for 15 years so appreciates the practice and a good engaging teaching style and delivery….
Yoga teacher
Having spoken to a number of teachers and attended some classes myself, I have seen and experienced some classes that have quite honestly been let down ruined by simple things that are easily correctible with the right knowledge. (bad sound, lighting, not being able to see you properly, needing to sit close to the laptop and therefore unable to offer any demos).

You may not be aware as a teacher that some certain things can rob your students of having the best experience, the one you’d like them to have. 

Beginning in March 2020 - Ben had a number of good friends posting online asking questions about tech, like: should I buy a web camera, why is my sound not working, music sounds tinny….etc

Ben participated in several calls with teachers friends, which lead Rob and I on a 2-month journey of really getting to know the Zoom platform, testing equipment, all while recording and documenting the best results focused specifically  on Yoga Teachers. We became focussed on helping them maximise their online Zoom classes and offer their students the best results in the shortest time and most cost effective way.

Having compiled this information, we have now created “Zoom Secrets 4 Yoga Teachers” - a course for Yoga teachers to improve their zoom classes and successfully tested by a pilot group of experienced yoga professionals and the results show for themselves.

Seeing the difference between their first online classes to how they have improved by following our recommendations has been incredible! The positive change is vast!

By not having to worry about technology, the teachers’ confidence has soared in their delivery which means their classes have improved exponentially, translating into a great online class experience for every student. 
Naomi Seager
Rob and Ben have been a massive help in terms of helping me get set up with all the right technical kit and patiently answering my many rookie questions! It gave me the confidence to go ahead and make some long over-due updates, knowing that I was buying the right stuff and not having to worry about making expensive mistakes. It’s also been great to connect with other wellness professionals going through a similar process.

Naomi Seager
If anything the greatest reward any teacher will receive is their ability to know themselves as an online yoga teacher. To be yoga teacher who's confident and who has the tech handled and who can be fully present with their students in delivering a brilliant class online. 

What I am pointing to here is not your ability to teach (I’m sure thats amazing), not your ability to connect with your students - its about how you are using the technology to ensure your teaching translates as closely as possible to a live enviroment.

We know it’s entirely possible for a Yoga teacher like you, to go online and provide an outstanding experience for your students without spending days:
Learning for yoga teachers
  • Learning through trial and error
  • Researching and purchasing video, sound and lighting equipment
  • Testing everything and trying to ensure it all works together (and sending back what doesn’t work and trying to find something else that does!)
  • ​Becoming a filming expert
  • ​Becoming a sound expert
  • ​Becoming a zoom expert
We’ve researched, purchased and tested a range of equipment and also understood among the many features of the Zoom platform which ones are useful for live classes and which ones are not - saving you days or even weeks of your own valuable time!


Zoom Secrets for Yoga Classes

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Here's what's inside the course


Yoga Teacher Zoom Tutorials - The Basics

Yoga Teacher Zoom Tutorials - The Basics (Value $47)

These 6 short videos (no longer than 1-6 mins in length) makes it simple and fast to get your classes setup within zoom (the right way) so you can ensure you are covering all of the important settings for your Yoga Classes. Now you’re confident that it’s all set up you can be fully focussed on your students during the class and feel at peace and relaxed that it's going to run smoothly.


Yoga Teacher Zoom Tutorials - The Advanced

Yoga Teacher Zoom Tutorials - The Advanced (Value $97)

These short videos will raise the standard of each class and give you the essentials like great sounding music and voice, registrations, using multiple devices and recording classes so you have great sound, video, learn to record, to register and provide a professional studio style business but online. This will help create and build rapport with your community so they want to come back again and again. The videos include:
  • To improve your sound set up - Our 2 trialled and tested methods for yoga teachers (this makes it so much easier than you may think it is)
  • Producing great quality sound (with just your voice/voice & music/ just music)
  • How to register people into your classes
  • ​The tried and tested set-up so that you can have one device filming you and one device next to you whilst teaching.  NOTE:  THIS IS MUCH EASIER THAN TRYING TO USE 2 DEVICES and will save a lot of frustration.
  • ​How to record your classes (the right way) - so that you can use them for social media content or for youtube.


Yoga Student Zoom Tutorials

Yoga Student Zoom Tutorials (Value $47)

Super simple short and concise videos and PDF’s for your students and how to use either their phones or a laptop to attend your class. This is the key to onboarding first time students so that they start their journey with you online and arrive feeling confident and reassured at the get go, giving you the comfort of knowing they will be ready to go when they arrive.  
This section includes:
  • A pdf template email to send your students on how to set up their tech in preparation for your class
  • Short videos on how to join your class with either a phone or a laptop so that you have all the information about them that you need.


Basics Tech Checklist And Everything You Need To Know To Get Started NOW

Basics Tech Checklist And Everything You Need To Know To Get Started NOW (Value $27)

This valuable 3-page PDF guide covers all the essentials to using your equipment, yoga space, lighting, video and what you need to know about internet speeds to ensure your class runs as smoothly as possible so you can start a class NOW. Learn how to use the most basic yet produce decent class, utilising what you have to its full potential. You can literally be up and running after reading this one document in 20-30 mins with what you have now whilst having the peace of mind that everything has been covered. 


The Professional Online Home Yoga Studio Equipment List

The Professional Online Home Yoga Studio Equipment List (Value $47)

This document contains our carefully researched and tested equipment list which holds the secret to affordable equipment thats dead easy to set up and achieves the best results for your specific circumstances! Simply select the items you can afford at the moment follow our guide to set it up and go and spend that research/setup time we have done for you, with your family or practicing yoga. 


Pre-Class Checklist

Pre-Class Checklist (Value $7)

 This short checklist document is a reminder of what to do at least 30 mins before each class to ensure the class runs as smoothly as possible, without needing the longer documents (which you have hopefully read prior) leaving you relaxed when you get the class started.

Normal Price: $297

Todays Price: $197

We are including the following Bonuses

1. 1 x Webinar ($97 Value)

Our support on the webinars are really the secret sauce to overcoming any tech barriers that are specific to your circumstances. They provide a bridge to ensuring you are up and running with velocity and giving you the confidence to use zoom and your technology to its highest capacity as well as learning best practices from us and from other teachers.

2.  Join The Facebook Community (Priceless)

This community is a place to get your questions answered by us within 24 hours as well as a host of new ideas that come from shared experience giving you a place network, get new ideas and learn from one another. This community allows you to develop at your own pace and provides a place for accountability making the whole journey with us a shared experience that is fun, expansive and enjoyable without taking up all your time and energy.
Your Step by Step, Non Techie Guide To Providing 
The Best Online Experience For Your Students Using Zoom

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Today Only: $197

Price goes back up to $297 in 24 hours


What people are saying about the course

"...Ben and Rob instantly solved many of my problems and gave me an enormous boost of confidence."
Emma Cole
When I first started using zoom I was stressed out trying to use the technology and figure out the best way to deliver my sessions, resulting in hours of tedious and basic errors. The sounds quality was especially dreadful, dropping in and out, sounding tinny and did not allow me to create the environment my students are used to in person. 

After seeking help, the support and guidance that Ben and Rob instantly solved many of my problems and gave me an enormous boost of confidence.  I especially appreciated their skill at using accessible non techie language

Now my classes on zoom happen without a glitch, I feel competent and raring to go when a meeting starts and am able to put my full attention on my teaching and delivery. The great improvement in sound quality allows me to create the sacred atmosphere that is so important to me and my students. 
Emma Cole -  Yoga Teacher
"His guidance and experience have supported me in creating events online that my clients love."
Keith Hodge
When lockdown began I set out to create a new online event that required crystal clear sound quality for me to DJ live music whilst guiding people on a healing journey. 

Ben Butt was an absolute star in helping me. His guidance and experience have supported me in creating events online that my clients love. 

I had looked at a couple of options before reaching out to Ben, but it was confusing with knowing what equipment I needed. Having the support of Ben allowed me to get set up quickly and professionally. 

When the sound quality is not good it really takes away from the experience of the event.  I highly recommend working with Ben to set up whatever business you are looking to stream online. 
Keith Hodge - Intuity Int.
"Ben and Rob have put a lot of thought into thinking about how to make live sessions from home go slicker for students and pain-free for teachers. "
Lisa Patoux
There’s more to taking your wellness classes online than scheduling a Zoom meeting. 

Ben and Rob have put a lot of thought into thinking about how to make live sessions from home go slicker for students and pain-free for teachers. 

They have compiled the technical information for sharing with students and the know-how and tips to make you more confident when teaching on Zoom. 

From advising you on the kit and set up that will give you the edge, to walking you through the programme, they are super passionate and keen to give you the tools and knowledge you need to professionalise your online classes.
Liza Patoux - Dance Teacher

What makes this course unique:

Because of the changes happening in the world a lot of yoga teachers have begun to see how hosting classes online is necessary now and an important part of the future of your business. This unprecedented time has accelerated the need to include online classes as part of being a yoga teacher, after all what better way than to provide a virtual experience to a worldwide audience as well as just your local community. Who knows what is possible with that? We’ll leave you to dream big and help you accomplish what you believe is possible.
  • Save your time, possible frustration and valuable energy that is better spent in your classes with your students:  We've done the hard tech work so you don’t have to and the simple step-by-step videos and PDF guides are easy to follow in straight-forward language for anyone non-techie!
  • ​Feel relaxed and confident that your teaching is being enhanced instead of diminished by the technology and know that your using it to its fullest capacity!  - Once you’ve followed the steps a few times, it will become second nature and what might have been a headache, become a breeze!
  • ​Create a stronger rapport and experience with your students online!   Your setup prior to start the live stream in crucial and will make or break the whole experience, so get this right before you even go live – it’s simple and powerful!
  • ​Confidence in the equipment we recommend!  Knowing it has been tested by us and some of our “beta testers” to ensure its cost effective and produces the result you want!
  • ​Make it easy for your students!  Send your students a guide & a few short videos (we created especially for this purpose) so they are ready and in a position to best enjoy the experience from their end – we’ve thought of this as well!
Your Step by Step, Non Techie Guide To Providing 
The Best Online Experience For Your Students Using Zoom

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Today Only: $197

Price goes back up to $297 in 24 hours


Who shouldn’t purchase this course:

If you are completely satisfied with your current online setup and don’t feel like you can or want to make any improvements, then this probably isn’t for you.

If you are likely not to take action, or invest in some additional equipment or follow this short and focused course, then this may not be for you. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Even if you get just the course and buy no extra kit this course will be worth the money but you won’t experience the value the course offers (that other teachers have experienced) and we’re committed to seeing you get everything we offer…  We are going to recommend that you invest at least $200 on equipment and therefore if producing classes online is not a more serious undertaking for you then you should not consider this course…

If however you are committed to incorporating online classes into your business now and for the future, and you’re ready to follow our concise and focus course, then this is exactly the course that will help you achieve your outcomes!
Your Step by Step, Non Techie Guide To Providing 
The Best Online Experience For Your Students Using Zoom

in collaboration with

Today Only: $197

Price goes back up to $297 in 24 hours


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